Ekwizorb is suitable for all equine pursuits.

Ekwizorb is different from raw straw or shavings. Therefore, handling of this bedding is different as well.
There are a few very important guidelines to follow in order to use ekwizorb properly and to receive the maximum benefits.

Ekwizorb works best on rubber mats, asphalt, concrete or wooden floors.

Ekwizorb is designed to break down from pellet form into small straw fibres. This process takes place over 24-48 hours and sees the bedding double in depth and provides excellent coverage and cushioning for the horse. It is important during initial set up to not use to much bedding! The following rates are recommended for rubber and dirt stables, additional bedding may be required for concrete flooring.

Table 1: Initial set up of stables, recommended ekwizorb bags per box:

1. Clean out all old bedding to prepare stable for introduction of ekwizorb.
2. Place required bags of bedding into stable.
3. Spread the bedding evenly around stable, on initial set up some of the flooring may be visible in areas, this is normal as the bedding ‘fluffs’ considerably over the next 24-48 hours.
4. The bedding will transform into a soft, cushioned surface.

Note: on initial set up your horse may nibble at the bedding, this is quite safe and as the bedding transforms into soft, cushioned fibres the horse will stop nibbling.

Storage and Handling;

Ekwizorb is packed into easy to handle 15kg UV resistant bags. These bags can be stored both outside and inside but we do recommend that a tarp is used to cover bedding stored outdoors.

1. Remove solids and saturated patches morning and night.
2. Rake bedding so that bedding is redistributed into the pee area.
2. Each week top the stable up with 1-3 bags new bedding – rake old bedding into area where the horse pees and distribute the new bedding into the area of the stable the horse uses least frequently. This ensures fresh bedding is constantly rotated through the stable and dust and allergens are kept at a minimum.
3. Every 6 – 12 months the stable can be completely emptied and refreshed (some stables find that they can manage the bedding so that a complete clean out is never required)

Note: In really hot weather the bedding can be hosed to assist in providing the horse a cool, dust free environment. The bedding can be saturated and performance is not compromised.

Ekwizorb is a fast, biodegradable material that decomposes into an all natural, quality garden or paddock fertilizer within 2-3 weeks after removal from the stable.