"The horses' wellbeing, economics of use and reduced waste disposal are only some of the reasons why several legends of the racing industry are already using ekwizorb with great success"

Super Absorbent: Ekwizorb can absorb up to 5 times its own weight in liquid. Urine is typically absorbed in one small area and is easily removed and replaced with clean bedding. Manure is coated in ekwizorb and easy to remove. This ensures no waste is missed and minimal bedding is used.

Great Insulation: Ekwizorb pellets break apart into a soft base that remains consistent over time. An even coverage of stable floors ensures horses are protected from cold and dampness and a soft, comfortable bedding is provided for sore or tired muscles and joints.

Reduction in Harmful Dust Particles: Ekwizorb is processed to reduce contaminants in the air with dust being extracted during production. This produces an environment that is healthier for horses prone to respiratory ailments (supported by numerous studies conducted on horses in the US and UK)

Quality of Product: Ekwizorb is made from high quality wheat straw and produced using a state of the art processing plant. During production the product is heat treated, reducing bacteria, yeast and mould commonly found in unprocessed straw or wood shavings. This process ensures consistent delivery of the highest quality product. Essential oils are added during the production process to discourage horses eating the product. These oils reduce odour and assist in maintaining a fresh, healthy stable environment.

Fly and Insect Repellent: Ekwizorb acts as natural insect control with essential oils added during the production process providing an organic safe insect deterrent. This is not something that plain beddings can match.

Ekwizorb is very competitive on price compared to alternative equestrian bedding products. Ekwizorb reduces stable cleaning time by up to 300%. This enables 12 boxes to be cleaned out per hour as opposed to 4 boxes per hour for alternative products. This delivers substantial labour savings to professional stable operations.

Ekwizorb reduces waste product by up to 60%. The ease of waste capture ensures no waste is missed and therefore rework is not required, resulting in significant waste removal savings.

Ekwizorb has been designed and manufactured as a quality stable bedding alternative and is not a by-product like many other bedding options. This ensures reliable, consistent supply to your stables.

Ekwizorb is supplied in 15kg bags packed onto pallets. This makes the product easy to store and handle.

Ekwizorb packaging ensures consistent product is supplied. Weather resistant bags prevent rain, moisture, foreign particles and bird and bat droppings. Infestation by insects or rodents is also prevented.

Ekwizorb can provide a cost effective solution for the supply of bedding to your stables to provide financial certainty to trainers and stud facilities. Contact us today.